Overseas Press Club of America

There are presently no open calls for submissions.

Annual awards for INTERNATIONAL COVERAGE in Newspapers, News Services, Digital, Magazines, Radio, Podcasts, Television, Video, Cartoons, Books and Photography. 

Work must be published or broadcast in the U.S. or be accessible to an American audience for the first time during 2017 with reporting primarily outside the US. Stories based on reporting in Puerto Rico will be accepted. All award applications will be entered online. Only categories with books will send a hard copy to the OPC office.

ENTRY DEADLINE - 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time on January 31, 2018
AWARDS DINNER - April 26, 2018 at Cipriani 25 Broadway

Press release: Overseas Press Club of America Names Best Digital Award for Kim Wall


Entries can be submitted only through the OPC’s online submission process which will include the application, the work and a brief statement explaining why the entry deserves consideration. Material may be the work of an individual, group or staff but must be on one subject or theme.

Each entry is $200, payable via PayPal, credit card or check made out to the Overseas Press Club of America. A corporate check coming from a source other than the submitter must clearly indicate which entry it underwrites.

Organizations submitting 5 or more entries must pay by check and e-mail a master list of all entries to the OPC office. Important: To pay submission fees by check instead of online, you MUST submit your entries for all categories using the first form below labeled “00 FOR PAYMENT BY CHECK IN ALL CATEGORIES - USE THIS FORM." 

One organization may submit up to five entries per award, but each entry must comply with the rules for the individual category.

Books can be submitted only for the Olivier Rebbot award and the Cornelius Ryan Award.

All award winners receive a certificate and a $1,000 check.

Only one saved "draft" is allowed at one time per category. That includes the general "00 FOR PAYMENT BY CHECK..." category. Once an entry is submitted, the submitter cannot edit the content of the submission.


Head judges have the discretion to move an entry to another award if they feel that the entry is submitted in an inappropriate category.


All questions concerning the awards should be directed to Patricia Kranz, Executive Director of the Overseas Press Club of America, email info@opcofamerica.org or call 212 626-9220.


A complete list of the 22 awards follows. For more information and to submit an entry, scroll down and click on the blue "submit" button for each award. 

OPC Annual Awards

01. The Hal Boyle Award
Best newspaper, news service or digital reporting from abroad.
Sponsor: Norman Pearlstine in memory of Jerry Flint

02. The Bob Considine Award
Best newspaper, news service or digital interpretation of international affairs.
Sponsor: William J. Holstein and Rita Sevell

03. The Robert Capa Gold Medal Award
Best published photographic reporting from abroad requiring exceptional courage and enterprise.
Sponsor: TIME Magazine

04. The Olivier Rebbot Award
Best photographic news reporting from abroad in any medium.
Sponsor: Getty Images

05. The Feature Photography Award
Best feature photography published in any medium on an international theme.
Sponsor: Cyma Rubin – Business of Entertainment

06. The Lowell Thomas Award
Best radio, audio, or podcast coverage of international affairs.

07. The David Kaplan Award
Best TV or video spot news reporting from abroad.
Sponsor: Ben and Karen Sherwood

08. The Edward R. Murrow Award
Best TV, video or documentary interpretation of international affairs less than one hour.
Sponsor: CBS

09. The Peter Jennings Award
Best TV, video or documentary about international affairs one hour or longer.
Sponsor: The Jennings Family

10. The Ed Cunningham Award
Best magazine reporting in print or digital on an international story.
Sponsor: Ford Motor Company

11. The Thomas Nast Award
Best print or digital graphic journalism, including cartoons, on international affairs.
Sponsor: Daimler

12. The Morton Frank Award
Best magazine international business news reporting in print or digital.
Sponsor: Mark Lemcke

13. The Malcolm Forbes Award
Best international business news reporting in newspapers, news services or digital.
Sponsor: Forbes Magazine

14. The Cornelius Ryan Award
Best non-fiction book on international affairs.
Sponsor: Friends of Richard Threlkeld

15. The Madeline Dane Ross Award
Best international reporting in the print medium or digital showing a concern for the human condition.
Sponsor: Linda Fasulo

16. The David A. Andelman and Pamela Title Award
Best TV or video international reporting showing a concern for the human condition.
Sponsor: David A. Andelman and Pamela Title

17. The Joe and Laurie Dine Award
Best international reporting in any medium dealing with human rights.
Sponsor: Philip Dine

18. The Whitman Bassow Award
Best reporting in any medium on international environmental issues.
Sponsor: Citi

19. The Robert Spiers Benjamin Award
Best reporting in any medium on Latin America.
Sponsor: JetBlue

20. The Kim Wall Best Digital Reporting Award
Best story or series of stories on international affairs using creative and dynamic digital storytelling techniques.
Sponsor: Google

21. The Roy Rowan Best Investigative Reporting Award
Best investigative reporting in any medium on an international story.
Sponsor: Marcus Rowan

22. Best Commentary
Best commentary in any medium on international news.
Sponsor: Robert Serio