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Best reporting in any medium on Latin America.

(N.B.) Individual photos are not eligible for this category.


Provide permanent links to all work that will be entered for judging at the bottom of the “Brief statement” field on the entry form. DO NOT SEND additional materials to the OPC office.

It is best not to submit “a body of work” such as “reporting from Asia” — these categories are too generalized and too long. We do not set a limit for total number of articles or links per submission, but it is best to be selective and submit only the strongest material.


Include a link to your work, making sure that it does not require a password to view. The video may reside on any server, personal or corporate, or on a free service like youtube.com where the video privacy settings are checked as “unlisted” so they are not available in a search query but are viewable to those with a link.


Upload broadcast-quality MP3(s).DO NOT SEND CDs or DVDs to the OPC office. Title uploads by award name, nominee’s first initial and last name and entry number (e.g.: thomas_jdoe_1.mp3).


Entries must include: URLs/links to the work(s) nominated and must be available online with no password required.

All questions concerning the awards should be directed to Patricia Kranz, Executive Director of the Overseas Press Club of America, email info@opcofamerica.org or call 212 626-9220.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.